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"Shoot the brave officers, and the cowards will run away and take the men with them.”  
General Thomas J "Stonewall" Jackson  to General Ewell

1st North Carolina Infantry Battalion Sharpshooters

Organization: Organized at Gordonsville, Virginia, by the assignment of Companies B and E, 21stInfantry Regiment on April 26, 1862.  Reorganized for the war April 28, 1862.  Surrendered Appomattox Court House

First Commander:
Major Rufus W. Wharton

Trimble’s Brigade  Ewell's Division    Dept of Northern Virginia
(April - May 1862)

Trimble’s Brigade  Ewell's Division  Valley District Dept of Northern Virginia
(May - June 1862)

Trimble-Hoke’s Brigade Ewell-Early's Division 2nd Corps Army of Northern Virginia
(June 1862 - January 1864)

Hoke's Brigade       Dept of North Carolina
(January - May 1864)

2nd Military District       Dept of North Carolina and Southern Virginia
(May - October 1864)

Johnson's Brigade  Pegram's Division  Valley District Dept of Northern Virginia
(October December 1864)

Johnson's Brigade  Pegram's Division  2nd Corp  Army of Northern Virginia
(December 1864    April 1865)

1st Winchester  May 25,1862
Cross Key's   June 8,1862
Seven Day's   June 25 - July 1,1862
Gaines Mill   June 27,1862
Malvern Hill  July 1,1862
Cedar Mt.   August 7,1862
2nd  Manassas  August 28-30,1862
Harper's Ferry  September 12-15,1862
Antietam   September 17,1862
Fredericksburg  December 13,1862
Chancellorsville  May 1-4,1863
Gettysburg   July 1-3,1863
Jack's Mt   July 1863
Bachelor's Creek Bridge February 1,1864
Plymouth   April 17-20,1864
Petersburg Siege  June 1864 - April 1865
Hatcher's Run  February 5-7,1865
Fort Stedman  March 25,1865
Appomattox Court House April 9,1865


One has to think of the famous last words of General John Sedgewick at Spotsylvania regarding Confederate sharpshooters, "Don't worry boys, they could not hit an elephant at that distance!”  No sooner had Sedgwick spoken than a bullet from a Rebel's .45-caliber Whitworth rifle ripped into his left cheek, killing him instantly.



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